How to install e-Token Drivers?

1. Along with e-Token (Pen drive like device) you must have received a cd with e-Token drivers.

2. Your e-Token will work only if you install the e-Token driver on your computer.

3. Installation of the driver is required once only.

4. e-Token drivers will be available as executables inside your cd with the name like: PKIClient-x32- 4.55.exe (Depending upon the make of the e-Token, drivers will be different.)

5. Detailed help on e-Token installation is given at:

6. Once e-Token drives are installed, to check whether drivers are installed properly or not you can use following steps:

a. Attach you e-Token to your PC

b. Go to Run -> Type "certmgr.msc"

c. This will open Certificate Manager for you

d. Go to -> Personal Certificates

e. Here you will find list of all the certificates installed on your PC


1. Open Internet Explorer -> Click on Tools menu -> Click on Internet Options -> Click on Security

2. In "Security" tab (Internet Explorer) -> Select Internet -> Click on Default level Button -> Then Click on Custom level Button

3. In the "Security Settings" window, please tick enable in the following Options under ActiveX controls and plug-ins:

a. Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls -Set as Enable

b. Binary and Script behaviour- Set as Enable

c. Download signed ActiveX controls-Set as Enable

d. Download unsigned ActiveX control-Set as Enable

e. Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe-Set as Enable

f. Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins_ Set as Enable

g. Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting_ Set as Enable

4. Press OK button

How to install e-Token Utility for Windows XP/ Windows7/8/10-32bit/ Windows7/8/10-64bit Download For Windows XP Download For Windows 7/8/10-32bit Download For Windows 7/8/10-64bit

1. Download e-Token Utility folder as per your of Operating System

> Procedure to install e-Token Utility

1. Extract the .zip folder to your desktop.

2. Execute batch file 'e-Token' as administrator (right click and select run as administrator) from the extracted folder to register 'e-Token'.