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Primary Issuance Data for 19-Dec-2018
ISINSecurity DescriptionIssue Size (Rs in Cr)Issue PriceIssue/ Allotment DateInterest Payment FrequencyFirst Interest Payment DateMaturity DatePut Option DescriptionCall Option DescriptionCredit Rating AgencyCredit RatingDate of Rating
INE02WR08018BLUEROCK ESERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED SR CCD-1 0.00001 CCD 14DC28 FVRS1011015/12/2018Once a Year31-Mar-201914-Dec-2028NA
INE001A07RL8HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FINANCE CORPORATION LTD SERIES U-006 8.80 NCD 18JU20 FVRS10LAC1,50010,00,00018/12/2018Once a Year18-Jun-201918-Jun-2020CRISIL LimitedAAA19/11/2018
ICRA LimitedAAA21/11/2018
INE274G08023INDIABULLS VENTURES LIMITED 14.9 LOA 12JU20 FVRS5505955013/12/2018Four times a Year07-Jan-201912-Jun-2020NA
INE730Z08016MERCATOR PETROLEUM LTD#6% UNSEC NGRT SNR TAX NCUM URTD OCD-RD 14-10-202811015/10/2018Once a Year14-Oct-2028NA
INE018E08136SBI CARDS & PAYMENT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED SERIES 13 9.15 NCD 17JU22 FVRS10LAC50010,00,00018/12/2018Once a Year18-Dec-201917-Jun-2022CRISIL LimitedAAA26/11/2018
ICRA LimitedAAA29/11/2018
INE857Q07216TATA CLEANTECH CAPITAL LIMITED SERIES B 8.7350 NCD 18DC23 FVRS10LAC18010,00,00018/12/2018Once a Year18-Dec-201918-Dec-2023CRISIL LimitedAAA30/11/2018
INE804H07019TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE LIMITED SERIES A/2018-19 11 NCD 18JN20 FVRS1LAC51,00,00014/12/2018On maturity18-Jan-202018-Jan-2020NA
INE804H07027TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE LIMITED SERIES A/2018-19 11.25 NCD 14DC21 FVRS1LAC51,00,00014/12/2018Four times a Year14-Mar-201914-Dec-2021NA
INE804H07068TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE LIMITED SERIES A/2018-19 11.75 NCD 14DC23 FVRS1LAC51,00,00014/12/2018Once a Year14-Dec-201914-Dec-2023NA
INE804H08017TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE LIMITED SERIES A/2018-19 11.75 NCD 14DC23 FVRS1LAC51,00,00014/12/2018Twelve times a Year14-Jan-201914-Dec-2023NA
INE804H08025TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE LIMITED SERIES A/2018-19 12 NCD 14DC23 FVRS1LAC51,00,00014/12/2018Four times a Year14-Mar-201914-Dec-2023NA