FPI/FII AUC category wise data
Year : 2021
Sr. No.Type of ClientAUC (INR Cr.)
Category of the FPISub Category of the FPIEquityDebtDebtVRRHybridTotal
Category ICentral Bank1,03,26438,10702631,41,633
Category ISovereign Wealth Fund2,49,67216,3437763,9602,70,751
Category IInternational/ Multilateral Organizations/ Agencies2,87619,391053922,806
Category IEntity controlled or at least 75% owned by Government and Government related investor(s)1,99,57016,7021,6184,7302,22,620
Category IPension Fund3,48,70316,3041,7264763,67,209
Category IUniversity Fund3,1700063,177
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Insurance or Reinsurance Entity51,48310,41115020662,251
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Bank35,8853,43525,6907665,086
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Asset Management Company70007
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Investment Manager53,0696,45112,20345972,183
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Investment Advisor42,461154,03035746,863
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Portfolio Manager00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Broker Dealer14,4421303509215,013
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Swap Dealer00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated Fund21,12,36152,8374,21810,62821,80,045
Category IUnregulated fund whose investment manager is Category I FPI3,13,53431,2075,3752,1043,52,220
Category IUniversity related endowment14,51400014,514
Category IEntity whose Investment Manager is Category I FPI from FATF member country2,57,4045,9924,995522,68,443
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by Pension Fund719000719
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by University Fund00000
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by Appropriately regulated entities44,458146304844,682
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by university related endowments00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Stock Exchange00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Clearing Corporation00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Central Securities Depository00000
Category IIAppropriately regulated fund not eligible as Category-I FPI99,0742,372113741,01,633
Category IIEndowment / Foundation8873200919
Category IICharitable Organisation10,697360510,737
Category IICorporate Body9,49245,34442,1781,45298,465
Category IIFamily Office2,20812002,220
Category IIIndividual6100061
Category IIAppropriately regulated entity investing on behalf of their client39140052
Category IIUnregulated fund - Limited Partnership / Trust46,75263728630147,977
Category IIOthers41,7424,8922,5405349,228
-Expired FPIs which have not been Recategorised1,247142001,389