FPI AUC category wise data
Year : 2021
Sr. No.Type of ClientAUC (INR Cr.)
Category of the FPISub Category of the FPIEquityDebtDebtVRRHybridTotal
Category ICentral Bank1,15,59939,29302431,55,136
Category ISovereign Wealth Fund2,70,17014,2107764,0032,89,159
Category IInternational/ Multilateral Organizations/ Agencies3,27217,420053821,231
Category IEntity controlled or at least 75% owned by Government and Government related investor(s)2,23,38512,2552,1814,8652,42,686
Category IPension Fund3,78,77717,7181,7265123,98,733
Category IUniversity Fund3,3930073,401
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Insurance or Reinsurance Entity57,3429,93815019967,629
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Bank46,4943,79026,8544577,184
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Asset Management Company50005
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Investment Manager57,1096,53812,37747176,495
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Investment Advisor43,21815,13024748,595
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Portfolio Manager00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Broker Dealer23,1371303505123,668
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Swap Dealer00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated Fund22,92,64252,3004,25912,05023,61,251
Category IUnregulated fund whose investment manager is Category I FPI3,25,47230,7366,8702,5183,65,595
Category IUniversity related endowment16,01300016,013
Category IEntity whose Investment Manager is Category I FPI from FATF member country2,72,8026,4825,173492,84,506
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by Pension Fund841001,0381,879
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by University Fund00000
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by Appropriately regulated entities45,38717130245,591
Category IEntity which is atleast 75% owned by university related endowments00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Stock Exchange00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Clearing Corporation00000
Category IAppropriately Regulated - Central Securities Depository00000
Category IIAppropriately regulated fund not eligible as Category-I FPI1,02,0792,193113181,04,403
Category IIEndowment / Foundation8703200902
Category IICharitable Organisation10,887360510,928
Category IICorporate Body11,99844,01242,9771,4521,00,438
Category IIFamily Office2,21312002,225
Category IIIndividual6800068
Category IIAppropriately regulated entity investing on behalf of their client4150046
Category IIUnregulated fund - Limited Partnership / Trust50,27465653237251,834
Category IIOthers43,0475,1054024948,603
-Expired FPIs which have not been Recategorised1,42489001,513