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Common Application Form Process Flow

User Registration

User Registration Authorisation by DDP

User Login in CAF Online Form & Capture details

Upload Documents and Submit Online Form to DDP

PAN Allotment by ITD

DDP Send PAN Generation Request to ITD

CAF Form Review and Register by DDP

Print, Sign and send CAF Form (Hardcopy) to DDP

About Common Application Form (CAF)

Pursuant to the announcement made by Hon'ble Finance Minister in his Union Budget 2017-2018 speech and furthering its idea of improving ease of doing business in India, Govt. of India [Ministry of Finance ("DEA")] on January 27, 2020 has notified Common Application Form (CAF) for registration of Foreign Portfolio Investors ("FPI") with Securities and Exchange Board of India ("SEBI"), allotment of Permanent Account Number ("PAN") with Income Tax Department, Know Your Customer ("KYC") and for opening of bank and demat accounts in India. Common Application Form has replaced the various existing forms like FPI Registration Form A, KYC & Account opening form of bank account and Form 49 AA for obtaining PAN which are required to be filed by the foreign investor desirous of investing in India as an FPI.

As notified by Govt., the common application form will be available on the website of NSDL viz., FPI Monitor [] Accordingly, NSDL has developed the online platform for FPI applicants on the aforesaid NSDL website for submission of common application form to its Designated Depository Participant (DDP) in India. The Common Application Form shall act as a Single Window clearance wherein FPI applicants shall fill a single form (as prescribed by Govt. of India) in an electronic manner and obtain registration with SEBI, PAN from Income Tax Department, KYC and Open bank and demat account in India.

How to Apply & Register

  • FPI applicants who wish to apply for common application form shall register as user by filling ‘User Registration’ form in an online manner.
  • To register user, please click here or click on ‘Register’ button available under ‘Login’ button.
  • Global Custodian can register (as a GC) on behalf of applicant and submit the Common application form.
  • Once user details are captured, the said details will be communicated to your chosen Designated Depository Participant (DDP) who will authorize your user registration.
  • On user registration is authorized, FPI applicant shall be able to access the Common Application Form (CAF) on NSDL FPI portal under ‘Login’ screen with your credentials set at the time of user registration.
  • Once logged in, you may now start filling Common Application Form through ‘New application’ button.
  • The guidelines/instructions to fill common application form are available through your registered login.

Brief Process Flow of Common Application Form

1. An applicant who wishes to apply for FPI registration shall be required to fill the common application form as available on NSDL FPI website ( in an electronic manner.
2. Global Custodian can also fill the common application on behalf of the FPI applicant
3. To access common application form, applicant or Global custodian shall be required to create user on NSDL FPI website ( as mentioned above.
4. Authorised user shall access NSDL FPI website and fill the common application form as notified by Govt./SEBI/ITD.
5. Once the form is duly filled in by the user on NSDL FPI website in online manner along with supporting documents being uploaded, the said application shall be submitted to your appointed Designated Depository Participant (DDP) in India in electronic manner.
6. The applicant shall thereafter print, sign and submit the duly filled Common Application form in physical manner along with requisite documents in original to the Designated Depository Participant (DDP). Applicant should sign on each page of the Form before sending.
7. Once form along with requisite documents received by DDP, the same will be reviewed and registered by DDP.
8. Once the FPI Registration Certificate generated, DDP shall forward the application details to Income Tax Department (ITD) for Permanent Account Number (PAN) generation.
9. NSDL has facilitated integration of FPI Registration portal with Income Tax Department for generation of PAN in respect of FPI applicants.
10. Once PAN is generated, FPI applicant will be intimated with PAN number allotted by Income Tax Department.

Contact Us

For any queries/issues relating to common application form, you may write to us on

For compliance/operational queries pertaining to common application form, you reach out to your Designated Depository Participant (DDP) in India